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    High-performance hand crafted air intake, exhaust, brake line, and carbon-fiber aerodynamic design systems created with proprietary processes, pure metals and alloys, and carbon/kevlar composites developed after extensive research and relentless testing to achieve one goal...performance without compromise.
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    Our Carbon Fiber Intake System ensures a higher speed, capacity and significant gains in engine performance.
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    GruppeM Carbon Fiber Intake Systems with light weight carbon fiber composites exceed the requirements of high performance engines.
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    Engineered to increase airflow, air velocity, stabilize flow pattern, decrease intake air temperature, and decrease weight, the GruppeM RAMair™ intake system takes high-performance to a new level.
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    GruppeM designs each Carbon Fiber Intake System to specifically match car makes and models.
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    Only the finest four-layer cotton filters are used, custom designed and manufactured to GruppeM’s strict standards.
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    Expert GruppeM craftsman and zero-tolerance manufacturing processes deliver systems that improve performance while increasing visual appeal.
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